"Montessori Children's House of Hayward is an excellent school. They fully understand the needs of a child and properly address these needs. I also noticed that the children tend to be more academically advanced than other kids from other schools at the same grade level. Students are not confined to a strict curriculum. They are given opportunities to explore other subjects when their regular school work is done. All in all I highly recommend this school to anyone." - Ben V

"I couldn’t have asked for a better elementary school for my children than MCHOH. My sons were so excited to go to school every day, and I loved that they encouraged further exploration of their interests. I knew it was working when my second grader took a tiny notebook out to the backyard to be an “explorer” and record his observations, all on his own. The teachers are incredibly skilled and adept at assessing each child’s strengths and weaknesses and adapting learning plans to suit them. It’s important to me that I trust the adults I leave my children with for the day, and I completely trust them to have my child’s welfare as their first priority." - Colleen Arnold, Ph.D., MFT


2022-2023 Kindergarten and Elementary Tuition

The Elementary program is a 10-month program that begins in September and ends in June.

Enrollment fee (non-refundable): $200

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Academic Program

8:45 AM - 2:45 PM  $750/month

7:30 AM - 5:30 PM  $950/month

Upon enrollment we ask that you pay the enrollment fee and a one month deposit. Kindergarteners need to be 5 years old by the first day of school. For Kindergarten there is a $100 annual materials fee, and for 1st-3rd grade a $160 annual books and materials fee.

Please call (510) 782-4427 for more enrollment details.

Elementary Program - Spanning Kindergarten Through Third Grade

Montessori Children's House provides a small and academically excellent early elementary program with a warm and supportive atmosphere for the four most important years of your child's elementary life.

Montessori Children's House Elementary Program is a joyful learning community. As in the primary, the elementary environment is thoughtfully prepared to nurture the physical, emotional, social, moral and intellectual growth of the children at this unique stage of their development. Montessori elementary provides a natural continuation of the work of the primary class, and the fundamental Montessori principles of independence, social responsibility, self-discipline, and love of learning continue to apply.

The Montessori Touch:

  • * Beautifully handcrafted Montessori learning materials
  • * Montessori Elementary trained teachers
  • * Mixed age groups, based on levels of development
  • * Mastery of skills before promotion
  • * Small classrooms with personal attention
  • * A full curriculum of geography, zoology, botany and history
  • * Memorable holiday and cultural celebrations


1st Grade (6-7 years old)

  • * Open Court reading groups
  • * Spelling
  • * Expressive Writing
  • * D'Nealian handwriting
  • * Poetry memorization
  • * Four-digit Addition
  • * Fractions, Money & Time
  • * Math Facts
  • * Zoology, Botany, Geography and History

2nd Grade (7-8 years old)

In addition to continuing with the above subjects, students begin:

  • * Grammar
  • * Four-digit Subtraction
  • * Beginning Geometry


3rd Grade (8-9 years old)

Students complete their third year by adding to the above subjects:

  • * Report and essay writing
  • * Cursive handwriting
  • * Four-digit Multiplication and simple Division
  • * Combining science and history together with the Timeline of Life

A Touch of the Traditional...

  • * State credentialed teachers
  • * School uniforms
  • * Semester report cards
  • * Individual desks in a quiet and respectful classroom


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